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Our mission is to ensure that young people who face multiple disadvantages are supported by adults who work empathetically to identify and support the development of their executive function skills. These brain skills are a fundamental aspect of development, and have a profound impact on learning and wellbeing.



Executive function skills are needed to flourish in life.  Poor executive functioning can negatively impact academic achievement, emotional wellbeing, interpersonal relationships and job outcomes. These skills can be developed with support from trained adults.

Our approach enables young people to achieve their goals, reach their academic potential, to experience better mental health, and flourish in their relationships.




We achieve our mission by building partnerships with organisations supporting young people who face multiple disadvantages to provide training and coaching for teachers, parents, and professionals to equip young people with strategies to build on the development of strong executive function skills. 


MindSpark is a UK-based CIC whose mission is to improve the educational and wellbeing outcomes for young people who struggle with multiple disadvantages. Working in partnership with schools, charities and organisations we aim to ensure young people are supported by adults who work empathetically to identify and facilitate the development of their executive function skills. These brain-based skills help us to plan and organise our responses, behaviour and emotions. They are the building blocks to self-regulation, resilience and goal-directed behaviour. 

Working closely with our partners MindSpark develop and implement evidence-based interventions to support young people in developing strong executive function skills. We provide training and resources for teachers, parents, and professionals who in turn work with young people. This support equips young people with strategies to build on the development of strong executive function skills.

Our highly-skilled team of researchers evaluate the continued impact that our interventions have, ranging from 1:1 and small group coaching to our whole school approach and sport interventions. Our research considers the impact on all stakeholders (e.g., young people, educational staff, practitioners, parents) ensuring that they receive the highest quality training and guidance to support the young people that they work with in developing strong executive functions.

Coach Training Graduate

After training with MindSpark, and learning about the power of goal-setting and the use of empathy rather than discipline, my student slowly but surely began achieving the potential that was always inside of him.
It was not a straightforward journey and we encountered challenges along the way, but there is no doubt that, because of my training, my student’s quality of life drastically improved. Significantly, his school results only got better and better, and he is now at a top-performing student in his year group at a competitive London day school.

Head of a Pupil Referral Unit

Executive Functioning is key to helping students understand how they function and stay in the learning zone. By sharing and developing key skills they learn how to overcome difficulties, build resilience and value themselves and others within the school and wider community.

Education Professional & Coach Training Graduate

What has been really empowering for us is that we are switching from providing students with things to do as tasks and targets that come from us, and putting the student in the driving seat. In my experience, doing this means that there is more motivation for students to make those changes. I am certainly seeing some measurable success from coaching them through setting their own targets.

Youth Work Practitioner & Coach Training Graduate

[Learning about executive functions] has enhanced my strategy and the way I plan and prepare a session. If I base it around what I’m going to discuss with a young person and what sort of outcome I’m looking for, it gives me something that I can work from and a better visual image of what we’re looking to achieve. It’s just given me a better map to gage everything.


Executive functions are a set of cognitive processes that help us to plan and organise our responses, regulate our behaviour and control our emotions.



MindSpark’s interventions contribute towards executive function skill development. Our qualified researchers use both quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate our impact.


MindSpark works to increase awareness of executive functions in state schools, youth centers, and other charities by providing evidence-based trainings and programmes for executive function skill development.

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