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The History of MindSpark


MindSpark, formerly the Connections in Mind Foundation, was launched in 2018 with support from the co-founders of the Connections in Mind Group (CiM). It operated as an independent charity alongside CiM to extend the reach of its work. Our mission was to increase the awareness of executive functions in the UK to support children, young people and adults, particularly those from financially disadvantaged households, as well as those with special educational needs, neuro disabilities, anxiety and mental health challenges.

As the Connections in Mind Foundation, we worked closely with schools and trained teachers, TAs and SENCOs on how best to support students with EF challenges within the school environment. We trained coaches specialising in EF support to work with children and young people in educational and therapeutic settings.

We also worked directly with children and young people facing disadvantages and supported parents and carers via courses and workshops. The Foundation raised awareness of EFs in the UK via events, round table talks, social media, research and a working group. 

In September 2022, all operations and activities were moved to a non-profit community interest company. In early 2023, the board made a strategic decision to become independent from the CiM group. As such, in March 2023, we changed our name to MindSpark CIC. This change reflects our independent governance, mission, strategy and finances. We continue to operate with the same mission, governance structure, existing partnerships and activities.

We work closely with our partners to develop relationships and projects integrating an executive function approach across various settings. The evaluation and research of our projects are central to our operations. We have adopted a model of sustainability in which we reach our beneficiaries via our partners. Providing training and resources to their staff increases the number of children and young people we can reach, and our work’s impact exceeds any direct project work.

In May 2023, we were shocked and deeply saddened at the loss of our inspirational founder, Imogen Moore-Shelley. We keep her in our hearts and minds, with our ongoing impact becoming one of her lasting legacies.


Annual Reports

Interested to know more about MindSpark’s work?

Download our annual reports for further information about our strategy and the activities of MindSpark.

MindSpark Annual Report 2022/23

Our annual report shares our reflections, achievements, projects and activities from 2022/23. 

Read the full report here.

October, 2023

CiMF (MindSpark) Annual Report 2021/22

Our annual report shares our reflections, achievements, projects and activities from 2021/22. 

Read the full report here.

October, 2022