We achieve our mission by building partnerships with organisations that support young people who face multiple disadvantages. We develop bespoke interventions that include training, resources and ongoing support for all stakeholders affiliated with our partners. 

Our interventions build on the existing support partners are offering young people by equipping them with strategies that facilitate the development of strong executive function skills. In turn, these skills support young people in building resilience, self-regulation and metacognition, equipping them with the life skills that underpin academic achievement, employment and healthy relationships.

State Primary and Secondary Schools and Pupil Referral Units

We work with state schools and Pupil Referral Units using a holistic, multi-level approach based on Peg Dawson and Laurie Faith’s work, which comprises four tiers of support ranging from foundational whole school support, to intensive 1:1 interventions. The needs, resources and capacity of different schools vary hugely. That’s why we work closely with educational and clinical staff to co-develop bespoke interventions that work alongside their existing way of working.

The aim of the whole school approach is to create an executive function culture where students are supported in developing their executive function skills, especially metacognition, so that they can become independent, self-regulated learners. Each tier of support builds on the previous tier to provide more specialised support for students with additional needs. 

Youth Centre, Sport and Social Justice Charities

Through our partnerships with youth centre charities and sport charities, we combine executive function coaching interventions with mentoring and sport programmes that exist as a safe environment for those who may not have access to support at school or at home. Our partnerships with social justice charities consist of challenging racism and social justice issues through the curriculum, whilst supporting the development of executive function skills in schools across South London.

We work closely with all of our partners to ensure that safeguarding practices are followed at all times. Our safeguarding policy can be found here.

Please contact us for more information or to find our how we could partner together to support the work you are doing.